9 Tips on Composition

#1: Rule of Thirds

Place the Important element(s) of the scene along one or more of the lines or where the lines intersect.

#2: Symmetry

Place the main subject in the centre of the frame.

#3: Foreground & Depth

Foreground interest in a scene is a great way of adding a sense of depth to the scene.

#4: Frame Within a Frame

A doorway, archway, or natural feature like an overhanging tree branch can create a framing effect.

#5: Patterns & Textures

Patterns can lead the eye into an image and create interesting relationships between objects.

#6: Fill the Frame

Leaving little or no space around it can be very effective in certain situations.

#7: Simplicity

An uncomplicated image is always effective, giving clear focus on the main subject.

#8: Leave Negative Space

This can give the subject more focus too.

#9: Experiment

Take lots of photographs and play with colour, lines, shapes, perspective and lighting