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About the Exhibit

Experience the vibrant intersection of land, sea, and culture at our latest exhibition, featuring the compelling works of Azorean artists Susana Aleixo Lopes, Leonor Almeida Pereira, and Filipe Franco. Curated by Leonor Almeida Pereira and Lisa Howie, this exhibit delves into the rich, intertwined histories of Bermuda and the Azores, isolated archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean bound by a shared sense of belonging.

The artists’ visual compositions and sculptures reflect traces of the land and sea, embodying elements of earth and evoking complex feelings of nostalgia and rebirth. Through their work, they offer a glimpse into the contemporary artistic culture of the Azores, encouraging a fresh perspective on the cultural ties between the Azores and Bermuda and our shared Atlantic identity.

Showing: June 7 – October 7, 2024

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Alternative Voice showcases the experimental nature of some of the talent from the Azores. Experimentation for me is seen in how Filipe Franco is using natural elements of the earth and he pushes the boundary on what is the painting or sculpture. Susana Aleixo Lopes is playing with fire, literally. She experiments with weighty wooden materials and fire— embedding emotion and poetic expression. Leonor Almeida Periera experiments with acrylic paint, water and movement to create refreshing new perspectives on the traditional subject, the landscape.”

Lisa Howie, Co-Curator

About the Artists

Susana Aleixo Lopes [b. 1987 Azorean] chooses wood as her favourite medium. Fire— an energy that destroys, transforms and is a symbol of rebirth— is a recurrent element in her work. Her sculptures are visually strong yet delicate with hidden details one must look closely to discover. 

Leonor Almeida Pereira [b.1971 Azorean] focuses on the atmosphere of special places, using layers of paint that are partially removed, leaving behind traces of time. Water, a defining element of the Azores landscape, is central to her painting, functioning as a metaphor for memory, identity and sense of belonging.

Filipe Franco [b. 1961 Azorean] experiments with organic materials he collected from his island home, such as sediments, volcanic mud, and charcoal that are filtered, dried and transformed to retain the natural colours and textures which add dimension to his artwork. Light and shadow enhance the presence of his dense and ethereal sculptures.  


The Curators

Leonor Almeida Pereira has a Doctorate in Fine Arts, specialising in contemporary art studies, and is the founder of Oficina Open Studio Art Gallery, Ponta Delgada (2018), renamed and co-directed as Informal Concept Gallery (2023). 

Lisa Howie has a Masters in Education and is a former executive director of the Bermuda National Gallery, founder of Black Pony Gallery (2019), and education consultant with the National Museum of Bermuda.  She spearheaded the Atlantic World Art Fair (2021), rebranded and co-directed as Atlantic Arthouse (2023). 

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