Through this project we want to collect and share our collective memories of the historic Keep Fort through the ages, from being part of a working Dockyard to a derelict site, to becoming the Bermuda Maritime Museum and to today as the National Museum of Bermuda. What’s your history with the Museum? Were you a volunteer, an intern, a visitor, a staff member? Did you visit with family and friends? We want to capture your memories and see your photos!

c. 2006

Jim Butterfield

It was very rewarding experience working as part of the volunteer Team under Dr Ed Harris. To cut away years of…

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c. 1970-1980s

Paula Pitman

My grandfather John Frederick Pitman was a warden at the Museum at the time when it was formerly the Bermuda…

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July 2022

Dominique Williams

In July 2022 I was an intern at the musuem and it is definitely a summer that I will never…

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c. 2007

Elena Strong

Guy Fawkes bonfires, Mr. Little with a wooden leg, a large echoing hall, salt-smelling wooden boats, tall grasses blowing in…

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c 1990

Jane Downing

My first memory of the Museum is from the mid-1970s when the National Trust was considering the Keep as a…

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Opening Day 1975

Colin Fleming

Opening Day The Bermuda Maritime Museum was officially opened by The Queen in February 1975, but much more work needed…

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December 1974

Colin Fleming

On a December Sunday, shortly before Christmas and the day after I had returned from boarding school in Britain, I…

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Deborah Atwood

My earliest memory of the Museum is visiting it as a child for the annual Guy Fawkes celebration, a time…

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February 2024

Noah Hypolite-Sampson

I volunteered at the NMB Community Day for community service hours and I had a great time. I had not…

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Trevor Moniz

Working on Commissioner’s House with Derek Sturdy in 1986. Photo by Nan Godet.

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	Britt & Hillary Kennedy Stubblefield at Southampton excavation site
June 2011

Britt Call

In June in 2011, I joined a field school and students from the College of William & Mary on an…

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My summer intern group at Carter House on the last day of our internship.
Summer 2022

Amani Simons

I was a summer intern at NMB in 2022. I had a great experience and created long-lasting friendships with the…

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First day of internship in 2021
Summer 2021

Chynna Trott

I started my summer internship at NMB in 2021 and it was in no way what I expected. As you…

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Dolphin Quest interns at the grand opening of the Shipwreck Island exhibit

Katie Bennett

I was an intern at NMB in 2012 and stayed in the hostel with Dolphin Quest interns. It was so…

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