Experience Bermuda’s Cultural Past
and Collective Future

The National Museum of Bermuda (NMB) is home to our cultural past and our collective future. We continue to grow as a must-see museum, educational resource, and research facility thanks to our loyal community and supporters.

Our Mission and Vision

The National Museum of Bermuda aspires to be a first-class national museum and research facility, inspiring engagement with and protection of Bermuda’s diverse cultural heritage.

Our Core Values

NMB’s mandate is guided by its core values, which help to inform decision-making, strategy, and actions. The Museum as an organisation is committed to the following:

To be inclusive of multiple perspectives; reflect the diversity of Bermuda’s cultural heritage; be accessible to our diverse audience; and recognise Bermuda’s history as an encompassing multifaceted story involving multiple groups of people and their experiences

To be relevant to our local and global context and our diverse local and visitor communities

To engage the local community and create exhibitions, programs, and publications that spark curiosity and a sense of discovery

To engage the local community and create exhibitions, programs, and publications that spark curiosity and a sense of discovery

To be honest, ethical and fair, and demonstrate those values in all aspects of Museum practice, governance, and internal and external relationships

To provide excellent visitor experience, customer service, scholarship, and education programming, and follow museum, archaeological and preservation best practice, and establish high standards for everything we set out to do

To manage the Museum’s resources to ensure its long term viability

The Story of the National Museum of Bermuda

Located at the historic Royal Naval Dockyard and commanding Bermuda’s westernmost point, NMB is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation created by the Bermuda National Trust in 1974 as the Bermuda Maritime Museum. The Museum has since expanded beyond its original mandate, which focused on maritime history and the restoration of Bermuda’s largest fort, The Keep.

For nearly 50 years, we have transformed once derelict ramparts, bastions, and historic buildings into a first-class Museum. We have built Bermuda’s largest collection of historic objects, partnered with overseas institutions to carry out archaeological and historical research, and re-imagined our historic military buildings as exhibition and education spaces, research labs, and event venues.

With the support of the Government of Bermuda, we acquired the Casemates complex in 2013, officially becoming the National Museum of Bermuda—growing from a 10- to a 16-acre property. NMB is now the largest attraction in Dockyard and helps to make this area the most visited historical district in Bermuda.

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