Where Does Your Story Begin?

Join NMB to explore, honour, and preserve your family history with Tracing Our Roots/Routes. Online presentations, workshops, resources, and an on-site contemporary art exhibit help us better understand and connect with our collective past.

Local and international expert panelists will provide you with the tools and strategies to research and document your personal story.

Tracing Our Roots/Routes is a finalist in the Education Category of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards

This category honours companies or initiatives that help inspire better and more equitable learning.

Start Your Journey


Step 1:

The Journey of Family Discovery I: Tips, Tools & Strategies

Presenter: Kenyatta Berry, Genealogy Expert

Begin your journey with resources from a leading international expert. An interactive Family Discovery Toolkit is available to download for free to help you get started.

Family Discovery Tools, Pt. I
Family Circle

Step 2:

The Journey of Family Discovery II: Understanding Local Resources

Panelists: Jane Downing (NMB), Ellen Hollis (Bermuda National Library), Mandellas Lightbourne (Bermuda Archives)

Learn about the available resources from local experts to help you to discover your family’s history. Our free Family Discovery Toolkit is available to download to help you research your family history.

Family Discovery Tools, Pt. II Search Genealogy Database

Step 3:

Personal Journeys and Personal Objects: The Development of NMAAHC’s Collection

Presenter: Joanne Hyppolite (Museum Curator), Hollis Gentry (Genealogy Specialist, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives), Kamilah Stinnett & Doretha Williams (Center for the Digitization and Preservation of African American History, NMAAHC)

Explore how curators, museum specialists, and genealogists at The Smithsonian use multiple strategies to research collections for exhibitions and community archives.

Family Circle2

Step 4:

Crafting a Personal Story

Presenter: Dr. Janet Ferguson, NMB Trustee & education specialist

Join Dr. Janet Ferguson to discover how personal stories and memories are anchored in everyday personal objects and learn how to create a polished, written piece documenting those memories. Using StoryCenter’s “Material Memory” storytelling approach, Dr. Ferguson will explore the associations we make with a cherished family photograph or object and how exploring those associations can reveal memory, sustain relationships, and provide new ideas and growth.

Crafting a Personal Story Toolkit

Step 5:

Bermuda’s Family Scrapbook: A National Crowdsourcing Project

Online Submission

We invite you to share your personal story and photographs. Help us connect with the past and each other. This project will be displayed online and on the walls of the Museum.

Submit Your Story
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Traces and Pastimes

Don’t miss Gherdai Hassell’s solo exhibit, Traces and Pastimes on display in Commissioner’s House. Hassell’s new body of work draws on the theme of genealogy and incorporates archival photographs. Expect provocative collages and a large scale installation.

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