The Future of History

At the National Museum of Bermuda (NMB), we are committed to ensuring that learning Bermuda history is part of every educational journey on Island. Central to this vision is expanding museum education offerings and outreach while providing future generations with opportunities to research Atlantic World history at NMB. To accomplish this agenda, we launched The Future of History Campaign in 2020: a historic fundraising effort to usher the Museum into a new era.

Our multi-year Campaign (January 2020–December 2022) set out to raise at least $8.5 million to support a new vision for the Museum as a vital educational resource and steadfast community partner while also elevating our Atlantic World research and thought leadership.

At the campaign’s close on December 31, 2022, we raised $9.8M+ through the exceptional generosity of individuals, families, corporations, and foundations. We are humbled by the generosity of our donor community and their commitment to our mission. Our impact and the Museum’s future are stronger and more promising than ever.

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Thank you to The Future of History Supporters – your support makes our work possible!

  • The Perot Family 
  • Frederick Roger Snape 
  • Stempel Foundation 

  • Anonymous
  • Aspen Group

  • Anonymous
  • Susan and Robert Blee 
  • Pamela Ferreira 
  • Donna Mae and Rees Fletcher 
  • Jardine Matheson Bermuda
  • The Marine Trust 
  • Sharon Vesey 

  • Anonymous 
  • Arch Reinsurance Ltd. and the Arch Group Foundation
  • Jim and Debbie Butterfield
  • Centennial Bermuda Foundation 
  • Christian Humann Foundation 
  • In Memory of Ann and Roderick DeCouto, by Katie and Jesse, Rebecca and Doug 
  • Neptune Group 
  • Buddy and Jenny Rego
  • Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson in memory of Kenneth F. Trimingham and deForest W. (Shorty) Trimingham
  • XL Foundation


  • Anonymous, in memory of Horace Musson
  • Martha and George Butterfield 
  • Heather and Tom Conyers
  • Ann and Peter Durhager 
  • Fidelis Insurance 
  • KPMG 
  • Sheila and Tim Pettee 
  • Elena Strong and Jeff Manson 
  • The Hon. Trevor Moniz, ComIH
  • Renaissance Reinsurance
  • Charles Thresh and Elin Daniels, in memory of Karen Patricia Thresh 

  • Allied World Assurance Company Ltd. 
  • Anonymous
  • Argus Group
  • Ascot Bermuda 
  • AXIS Capital 
  • Diana and Lars Bergquist 
  • Bermuda Community Foundation 
  • Bermuda International Shipping Ltd.
  • BF&M Insurance Group 
  • Butterfield Group 
  • CHUBB Bermuda
  • Colin Campbell
  • Donald and Liz Cox 
  • Judy and John Collis
  • Michael and Mary Darling 
  • Tim and Erica Davidson 
  • Judy and James Gibbons 
  • Cathy and Charles Gosling 
  • Michael Grayston 
  • Margaret and James Hallett 
  • Katrina and John Hele 
  • Hiscox Bermuda 
  • Janet Hoehlein and Jens Alers 
  • Thomas James
  • Scott Hunter and Janet Kemp 
  • Christiana Skjodt-Knudsen and Lars Knudsen 
  • Garry and Julie Madeiros 
  • Louis and Betsy Mowbray 
  • Yuko and Hiro Nakajima 
  • Steve Lake and Sheila Nicoll 
  • Oakley Capital 
  • OBM Limited
  • Nancy and Brian O’Hara
  • Michelle and Santi Pujadas
  • Robert and Maryann Rice, in honour of Elena Strong and Katie Bennett
  • Mariette Savoie and Mark Smith
  • Social Entrepreneurship Charitable Foundation
  • Sompo International 
  • Rosemary and John Talbot 
  • Ann and Bill Westerfield 
  • Mary and Richard Winchell 

  • Linda and Max Abend
  • Jennifer and Kyle Adams
  • Grace and George Alayon
  • Richard Ambrosio
  • Anonymous
  • Argo Group 
  • Deborah Atwood 
  • Margaret and David Atwood
  • Alanna Baird and Alastair Fox
  • Holly Anne and Michael Barany
  • Roderick Barclay
  • Anne and Robin Bawtree 
  • Katie Bennett and Ambrose Gosling 
  • Benson Family/Stafford Surfaces
  • Mark, Isobel and Evan Berry 
  • Jane Bielby
  • Kevin Blee
  • Christina Boerner and Crocker Bennett 
  • Karen and David Brine
  • Kathleen Bragdon and Marley Brown
  • Brunel Limited
  • Philippa Burke
  • Linda Jo and Alan Burland
  • Stephanie Burns
  • Nancy and Than Butterfield
  • Seaver and Britt Call
  • Jean and John Campbell
  • Zoe Brady and Liam Carroll 
  • John and Caroline Carty
  • Robert Childs 
  • Diana and Nigel Chudleigh
  • Matthew Claridge 
  • Crystal and Scott Clay
  • Margaret Collis 
  • Cooper Gardner
  • Debbie and Dudley Cottingham
  • Margaret and Les Crane
  • The Cripps Foundation 
  • Jazmin and Miguel Da Ponte
  • Elaine and Michael Darling 
  • delMonte and Martha Davis
  • Estous Lee Davidson
  • Jennifer Davidson 
  • Judith and Allan Davidson
  • Mary Davis
  • Mike Deevy
  • Andrew Dias and Maria Cruz 
  • Bitten Dill
  • Kim Dismont Robinson
  • Crystal and JP Doughty
  • Jane Downing 
  • Wendy and Peter Dunne
  • Aditya and Soumya Dutt
  • Meredith Ebbin
  • Patricia Ellison and Richard Humphreys
  • ESC Limited
  • Maxine Esdaille
  • Dennis Fagundo 
  • Barbara and John Faiella
  • Gill Farge
  • Margaret and George Fergusson 
  • Marguerite Fields
  • Colin Fleming and Licia Martin 
  • Yulanda Francis and Sheriden Ming 
  • Douglas and Maria Frith
  • Rosanne Galloway
  • Lady Gibbons
  • Tracey and Chris Gibbons
  • Alan Gilbertson 
  • Flora and Peter Goodall
  • The Grant Family 
  • Sophia Greaves
  • Peter Green 
  • Michael Green
  • Florence and Grant Hall
  • Marg Hammond, in memory of Ken Hammond
  • Ailyn and Andrew Harris 
  • Hannover Re 
  • Patricia and J. Henry Hayward
  • Joan Henehan
  • Janice and Erich Hetzel
  • Sue and Quentin Jackson
  • Lesley and Joseph Hoopes
  • Adam Hopkin
  • Bill and Joanne Hunt
  • In honour of Michael Spurling and Michael Whittall
  • Sharon and Larry Jacobs
  • Rosemary Jones and Paul Shapiro
  • Lauren and Michael Judd
  • Rudite and Jens Juul
  • Anne and Elizabeth Kast
  • Jim and Bonnie Kelliher
  • Sonia and Geoffrey Kelly
  • Rosemary and Stephen Kendall
  • Alexandra Mairs-Kessler and Kenan Kessler
  • Richard Klein
  • Michelle Lafleur and James DeWolf
  • Bernadette and John Lang
  • David Lang
  • Robin Lang
  • The Lepercq Charitable Foundation, in honour of Frank Mutch
  • Larry and Lark Lombardo
  • Jade and Keith Lovell
  • Anthony Lumsden
  • Greg Lunn
  • Ruth and Brian Madeiros 
  • Rachel Madewell
  • Paula and Michael Maguire
  • Jean Anne Manuel
  • Lawson Mapp 
  • Mrs. & Mr. Allen Mardis
  • Markel 
  • Marsh 
  • Lesley and Charles Marshall
  • Ralph Blake Marshall, in honour of Ralph Owen Marshall
  • Robert and Theresa Mason 
  • Robert Masters
  • Clarence Maxwell 
  • Victoria and Richard McGlynn
  • Tom and Beth Miller
  • Patricia and Tom Mills, in honour of Pamela Kempe
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture 
  • Richard and Samantha Morris 
  • Rear Admiral J.A.L. Myres CB
  • Katya and Michael Offereins
  • The Oil Group of Companies
  • Madree and John Orridge
  • Amanda Outerbridge and Peter Miller
  • Carol Outerbridge
  • Angela and Tommy Outerbridge
  • Lyle Jeffrey Pash, in honour of Michael J. A. Darling Jr.
  • Shirley and Roderic Pearman 
  • George Pickering
  • Paula Pitman
  • Judith Pitt 
  • Pro-Tone Cleaning Services Ltd.
  • Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone
  • Fozeia Rana-Fahy
  • Percival St. G. Ratteray and Family 
  • Cindy and Graham Redford
  • Margot Reid and Bruce Elliott
  • Pauline and Everard Richards
  • Jane Riker
  • Kerry and Dimity Rubie
  • Nathalie Rushe 
  • Audrey Scott
  • Duncan Scott
  • Ru-Zelda Severin 
  • Jeannette and George Shaw
  • Pamela and Ronald Shaw
  • Merle and Robert Sheen
  • Eugene Foggo Simon
  • Gerald D. E. Simons
  • Sue and Peter Simons
  • Sacha and Eugene Simmons
  • Natalie Skinner
  • Paula and Tom Smith
  • Phil Smith
  • Barbara and Jan Spiering
  • Rick and Jane Spurling
  • Brian and Lindsey Steinhoff 
  • Nancy and Robert Steynor
  • Aidan Stones
  • Roberta Stubbs
  • Alison Swan 
  • Laura and Jason Taylor
  • Lyndy and Clive Thatcher
  • George Thomas Jr. and Kiernan Bell 
  • Tidal Asset Management
  • Susan and Glenn Titterton
  • Alberta Tucker
  • Vivian Lynn and St. Clair B. Tucker
  • Kate Vacher 
  • Validus Re 
  • Virginia and Alden Vaughan
  • B. Lynn Wade
  • Nancy and John Wadson
  • Andrew Wallace
  • Debbie Walsh-Brown
  • Karin and Chip Waters 
  • Continental Trust Corporation Limited, in memory of Charlotte Watlington 
  • Katherine and Peter Watson
  • Susan and Nick Weare
  • Samuel B. Webb, Jr.
  • Alexander Werther
  • Jane and Stephen West 
  • Sheila and Tom Wheeler
  • Malcolm Wilson
  • Mary and Dave Winkler
  • Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC
  • Linda and Reid Young
  • Michael Young
  • Zurich Bermuda

“Supporting the Museum to preserve the past and strengthen our future is a gift to Bermuda and a gift to ourselves.”

Dr. Janet Ferguson
Campaign Co-Chair, NMB Trustee, Chair of NMB Education Committee

Campaign Leadership

Dr. Janet Ferguson
Rees Fletcher

Dr. Edward C. Harris

Robert Blee
George Fergusson
Colin Fleming
Neville Grant
Ru-Zelda Severin
Alison Swan
Charles Thresh

Gordy Benson
Jim Butterfield
Robert Childs
Elin Daniels
Michael J.A. Darling, Jr.
Jennifer Davidson
Douglas DeCouto
Dennis Fagundo
Rosemary Jones
Robin Lang
Paul Leseur
Greg Lunn
Shirley Pearman
Tim Pettee
Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone
Fozeia Rana-Fahy
Nathalie Rushe
Brian Steinhoff
Robert Steinhoff
George Thomas, Jr.
Jane West
Richard Winchell

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