About the Exhibit

Through a collection of photographs, artist Jayde Gibbons explores the enduring power of family bonds in the face of profound sorrow and bereavement. She chronicles poignant moments from five local funerals and celebrations of life. This exhibit is her artistic response to NMB’s community project Bermuda Family Scrapbook.

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Education: Bermuda Family Scrapbook

FAMILY (Fam, I Love You) is part NMB’s Bermuda Family Scrapbook project, which invites everyone living in (or who has lived in) Bermuda to submit historic family photographs and associated stories to the Museum to create a national scrapbook and document the varied experiences of daily life in Bermuda award-winning community education programme, Tracing Our/Roots/Routes (TORR).

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About the Artist

Jayde Gibbons is a self-taught award-winning Bermudian photographer who made her debut on the fine art scene in 2019. Her art focusses on people and telling visual stories of family, brotherhood, community and Bermuda culture.

FAMILY (FAM, I Love You) (by Jayde Gibbons) Exhibit Opening

Date: 13 October, 2023