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Genealogical Research

This page provides access to information gathered and compiled by local genealogist, author and editor Clara Hollis Hallett, showcasing previously unpublished surname files, as well as other publications of use to family history researchers and historians, including files compiled by her husband, historian Dr. A.C. Hollis Hallett.

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The Genealogical Files

In the course of answering family history enquiries for local and overseas clients, Clara Hollis Hallett made use of original records, published material, and information provided by her clients to compile over 650 files, organised by surname.

Each surname file contains one or more family groups, typically composed of a husband and wife (or wives), and their children. The information may include birth, baptism, marriage and death details, as well as notes about related records such as obituaries and wills. The completeness of the information reflects the completeness of Hallett’s sources at the time the research was carried out. At the end of each surname document is a list of miscellaneous references to people with that surname, which do not fit any of the family groups.

Example of a family group for Thomas John Gilbert, who was married twice:
Genealogy File Example

Abbreviation Guide:

All references are to sources in BERMUDA

Bermuda Archives microfilm reel numbers:

23 St.
53–55, 57
250, 265–267
340, 342
St. Paul’s Church Paget
St. Anne’s Church, Southampton
Mary’s Church, Warwick
St. John’s Church, Pembroke
St. James’ Church, Sandys
Christ Church, Devonshire
Holy Trinity Church, Hamilton Parish
St. Peter’s Church, St. George’s
St. Mark’s Church, Smith’s Parish
Wesley Methodist Church
St. George’s Military Chapel
Prospect Garrison Church
Wesley Methodist Church
Christ Church Presbyterian, Warwick
Wesley Methodist Church
Register of Rev. John Moore
St. James’ Church, Sandys
Christ Church, Devonshire
Dockyard Chapel, Ireland Island
St. Paul’s Church Paget
Turks & Caicos Records

Other sources in Bermuda records:

C.O. 37/
P. Acc.
Assize Courts
Bermuda Historical Quarterly
Colonial Office Records
Colonial Records
Composite Volumes of Deeds, etc.
Private Accessions, Bermuda Archives
Bermuda Royal Gazette
Registry General

About Clara Hollis Hallett

Clara Hollis Hallett has been actively involved in the academic and genealogical life of Bermuda for over 3 decades, making an unparalleled contribution to genealogy and to all who are interested in our island’s history and their own personal ancestry.

In addition to her genealogical work, Hallett was responsible for a number of publications, including indexes to wills in the Bermuda Archives and for birth, death and marriage notices in the local newspapers. Hallett’s formal publications include Rosabelle: A Diary of Bermuda in the Last CenturyForty Years of Convict Labour: Bermuda 1823–1863, and she acted as editor for F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr.’s Early Colonists of the Bahamas: A Selection of Records.

After retiring as a genealogist, Hallett volunteered for the National Museum of Bermuda where she edited and rendered Butler’s History of the Bermudas into modern English and edited two books by the late Cyril Packwood: the essential reference Chained on the Rock: Slavery in Bermuda and the biography Edward Fraser: from Slave to Missionary.

Clara Hollis Hallett’s contributions are complemented by those of her husband Dr. Archibald C. Hollis Hallett, who indexed Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian church records held at the Bermuda Archives and transcribed Bermuda’s colonial records (1612–1684).

Hallett Publications

Under the imprint of their publishing house, Juniperhill Press, the Halletts published a number of books of interest to family history researchers and historians.

Civil Records of Bermuda Under the Sommer Islands Company 1612–1684
Compiled by A. C. Hollis Hallett (BMM Press & Juniperhill Press, 2004/5)

Early Bermuda records 1619-1829: A Guide to the Parish and Clergy Registers with Some Assessment Lists and Petitions.
Compiled by Archibald Cameron Hollis Hallett (Juniperhill Press, 1991)

19th Century Church Registers of Bermuda
Indexed by A.C. Hollis Hallett and updated by C. F. E. Hollis Hallett (BMM Press & Juniperhill Press, 2005)

Early Bermuda Wills, 1629-1835 : Summarized and Indexed : A Genealogical Reference Book.
Compiled by C. F. E. Hollis Hallett (Juniperhill Press,1993)

19th Century Bermuda Wills 1835–1913: Summarized and Indexed : A Genealogical Reference Book.
Compiled by C. F. E. Hollis Hallett (Juniperhill Press, 2000)

Bermuda Index, 1784-1914: An Index of Births, Marriages, Deaths, as Recorded in Bermuda Newspapers
Compiled by C.F.E. Hollis Hallett (Juniperhill Press, 1989)

Early Colonists of the Bahamas: A Selection of Records
Collected and transcribed by F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr. & edited and compiled by C.F.E. Hollis Hallett (Juniperhill Press, 1996)

Other resources for Bermuda genealogy

Bermuda Archives https://www.gov.bm/department/archives
Bermuda National Library www.bnl.bm