The Theatre Boycott | June 18, 2020

Bermuda has a unique history of segregation. In 1834, the Bermuda House of Assembly completed...

Three, two, one, we have lift off! | June 10, 2020

From the archives. This article first appeared in MARITimes 2019 Vol 32 Editors' note: On...

At Home on the Water | June 10, 2020

Bermuda Day this year has been different to say the least. Thanks to the efforts...

NMB Education Webinar: Online Learning and Engagement | May 26, 2020

In March, the National Museum of Bermuda held its first Teacher Professional Development workshop. Over...

Guide to participating in an NMB Webinar | May 25, 2020

This quick start guide gives you an introduction to the essentials of joining and participating...

An Enchanted Pile of Rocks | May 21, 2020

At the outbreak of the pandemic access to supplies was at the forefront of many...

The Museum in Lockdown | May 11, 2020

WALL-E is a wonderful 2008 Disney film that begins with a solitary robot diligently doing...

Join the NMB Digital Volunteer Research Corps | May 9, 2020

Are you looking for something to do while you are at home? We are looking...
Built Heritage

Southlands, Warwick | May 8, 2020

This guest post is part of a series of architectural articles by the Bermuda National Trust that...

FAMILY STORIES | May 5, 2020

Even though restrictions have begun to ease, we are still some way away from a...

Yellow Fever in Bermuda | May 1, 2020

One-hundred and fifty-six years after Bermuda’s last major yellow fever epidemic and the language we...

United Together: Sharing Bermuda’s Covid-19 Pandemic Stories | April 14, 2020

For over four decades the National Museum of Bermuda has been a steward of Bermuda’s...
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