Collection Item | Lead Merchant Weight

From the Sea Venture, 1609 Typical of weights used by merchants to measure out bulk goods, this 1 lb weight…

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Collection Item | English Delft Gallipot or Ointment Pot

From the Sea Venture, 1609 Used for medicines, salves, ointments, and plant material. Similar sherds are the most common items…

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Collection Item | Salt-Glazed Stoneware Jugs

From the Sea Venture, 1609 ‘Bellarmine’ jugs like these were imported to England from production centres along the river Rhine…

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Collection Item | Clay Pipe

From the Sea Venture, 1609 Tobacco was first brought to Britain in 1573 by Sir Francis Drake and was still…

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Collection Item | Bronze Mortar & Pestle

From the San Pedro, 1596 Standard gear in the ship surgeon’s kit, mortars, and pestles were used to grind and…

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Collection Item | Chinese Porcelain Bowl

From the San Pedro, 1596 This bowl represents some of the earliest Chinese export plates and bowls intended to be…

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Collection Item | War Club

From the San Pedro, 1596 This indigenous combat weapon, capable of causing massive head trauma, is thought to be from…

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Exhibit | Traces and Pastimes

In Traces and Pastimes, Ms. Hassell explores ancestry, cultural identity, memory, and time through large scale digital collages and biodegradable flagging…

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Page | Traces and Pastimes

“This installation is a trace of who, why, what and where we have been. Identity should be self-determined and understood…

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Page | Campaign – The Future of History

“Supporting the Museum to preserve the past and strengthen our future is a gift to Bermuda and a gift to…

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Blog | March 4, 2022

Fidelis Partners with National Museum of Bermuda on New Corporate Education Programme

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Collection Item | Swizzle Stick, c. 1960

Swizzle sticks were typically used in hotel bars in the mid-20th century—the Swizzle Inn at Blue Hole is said to have served its…

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