Collection Item | Standard Weight, 1888

A set of standard weights was kept in every parish in Bermuda to check the accuracy of weights used by local merchants…

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Collection Item | Golden Rule, 1849

In 1849, 58 emigrants from the island of Madeira arrived in Bermuda on the brigantine Golden Rule. This, the first of many…

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Collection Item | Whaling Ladle, c. Late 19th Century

Shore whaling in Bermuda was carried out for 340 years as a seasonal small-scale industry. Whales provided oil for lamps,…

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Collection Item | The Seal of St. Paul’s College, c. 1853

The seal is a remnant of the first venture in racially integrated schooling in Bermuda. St. Paul’s was established in…

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Collection Item | Silver and glass brooch, 1814

Rear Admiral Cockburn gave this brooch to a Mrs. Outerbridge to commemorate her husband’s daring feat of piloting the Royal…

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Collection Item | Bermuda sloop model, 2005 By Deryck Foster

The Bermuda Sloop was the foundation of Bermuda’s 18th-century maritime economy. These single-masted, cedar vessels were fast, light and resistant to…

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Collection Item | Silver Admiralty oar, 1697

This sterling silver mace of the Bermuda Court of Vice Admiralty was made in 1697 by London goldsmith Anthony Nelme, and…

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Collection Item | Map of Bermuda, c.1630 By Johannes De Laet

After Bermuda’s settlement by the English in 1612, Bermuda was prominently featured in many maps, because it served as a colonial way…

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Collection Item | Majolica Plato, c. 1570s

Bermuda was discovered in 1505 by Juan de Bermúdez, a Spanish captain who spotted the uninhabited island on his way back to…

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Blog | February 14, 2022

Empowering History: Lodge and Museum in Preservation & Education Partnership

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Puzzle | NMB Sheep

Reconnect the pieces of the puzzle to unveil the National Museum of Bermuda Sheep.

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Puzzle | Hall of History: Fish

Reconnect this vignette from The Hall of History mural on display in Commissioner’s House.

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