Page | Print and Gift Shop

NMB Shop Shop local: NMB’s collection of books, prints, puzzles, and miniature, fluffy versions of our famous sheep-scapers make for…

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Page | Dr. Reg Grundy 2021 Youth Photography Competition

Coming Soon Your Eyes on Bermuda Please bear with us as we transition the photography competition pages to the new…

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Page | BFS Submission

Bermuda Family Scrapbook Submission Your Pictures, Your Stories, Our History.

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Page | Bermuda Family Scrapbook

Bermuda Family Scrapbook Your Pictures, Your Stories, Our History.

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Collection Item | Drug Ampoules, c. 1940s

From the Constellation, 1943 Six of 400,000 drug ampules containing adrenaline, anti-tetanus serum, opium, morphine, and penicillin were part of…

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Collection Item | Gorget Breast Plate

From the L’Herminie, 1838 L’Herminie was one of the last frigates built before the shift to auxiliary steam power in…

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Collection Item | Glass Beads

From ‘Manilla’ wreck site, c. 1730s Trade beads were made in Europe—mainly in Venice, Bohemia (Czech Republic), and the Netherlands—and…

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Collection Item | Gold Signet Ring

From the Galgo, 1639 Gold signet rings became increasingly popular from the 17th century as the ultimate portable mark of…

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Collection Item | Majolica Salt Cellar

  From the San Antonio, 1621 This fine dining salt cellar (salero) would have been used by the elite. Majolica,…

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Collection Item | Olive Jar

From the San Antonio, 1621 Olive jars were mainly used as liquid and small victual shipping and storage containers for…

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Collection Item | Pewter Syringe

This is a urethral syringe, used to administer doses of mercury for treating syphilis. Long-term or frequent use led to…

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Collection Item | Gold Ring

From the Sea Venture, 1609 The clasped hands or ‘hands in faith’ are symbolic of a contract between two people,…

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