Aunt Eva, as she was known to many, never married or had children. Her children were the many students she taught on St. David’s Island. It appears that Eva started teaching as early as 1905. This is indicated in a book presented to her by Arthur Hodgson former head teacher in St. David’s. It was at his school that she taught sewing to the young ladies. Some years later, Eva opened up her own private school on the lower level at her residence on Great Bay Road, St. David’s. Aunt Eva’s school was open for nearly 50 years. Many stories have been told by St. David’s Islanders about Aunt Eva. She appeared to be quite eccentric and often dressed in a long black cape. Aunt Eva was also an organist & an avid member of Chapel of Ease. She distributed magazines & collected for the Church Society. Aunt Eva spread goodness in her community as was evident from her school motto: “Be kind.”