By Dany Pen, Executive Director, Raleigh International Bermuda

Education | September 3, 2020

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Collaboration with youth development programmes is an important element of NMB’s Education Strategy as this allows for the alignment of shared outcomes as we work together to empower our youth. Most recently, Raleigh International Bermuda brought several participants for an overnight experience. Please read on for the full context of the experience as provided by Dany Pen, Executive Director.

Raleigh International Bermuda (reg charity # 710) is a branch of Raleigh International (UK). Our goal is to empower young Bermudians to set positive goals and take control of their lives. By helping youth to see that they are stronger than they thought possible, they are able to realise their full potential and effectively overcome the ‘day to day’ risks they face including drugs, alcohol, crime, bullying, loss of motivation, low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence.

This year, Raleigh Bermuda successfully launched its local summer introductory survival skills development programme for high-school students age 14 – 17 called “I AM BRAVE”.

The “BRAVER” Introductory Survival Skill programme is part of Raleigh’s local REACH Programme designed to expand on Raleigh’s impact and outreach in the community, by bringing essential life skills to a wider range of young people. The programme is led by Raleigh Programme Coordinator Keri Pacheco and Project Managers Justin Cann and Ashanti Stovell.

The local BRAVE Introductory Survival Skills Development Programme focuses on the three pillars of Raleigh: Environment, Community and Adventure. Skills also include critical thinking, teamwork and making new friends, positive socialisation, empowerment through new skills, strengthen cultural literacy, developing environmental awareness, and gaining leadership and confidence.

The programme was offered for two weeks in July, with an overnight camping experience in partnership with the National Museum of Bermuda. The focus was on developing the interests and strengths of young people in positive ways. Students were exposed to different life skills such as building a shelter, trekking, foraging, farming, knot tying, and cooking. Students also learned about Bermuda’s African and Native American History through artmaking, dance, visiting cultural heritage sites, and spending time with community members.

We celebrated the graduation of 13 young Bermudians who completed the programme and became “BRAVERS”. The Bravers will reconnect as a group once a month to continue with community service and skill-development workshops led by Raleigh alumni.

The Brave programme is a great introductory course which prepares young people for the more advanced Venturer’s programme. The Venturers’ Programme is open to young Bermudians age 17-24 who must commit to a year-long personal development and an intensive survival training programme which includes a 10-week overseas expedition in Tanzania, Costa Rica or Nepal. Those who are unable to commit to our Venturers’ programme can still continue with the local REACH programme for skills development.

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