The Grounds

The Museum is housed in Bermuda’s largest fort, the Keep, at the Royal Navy Dockyard. The Keep’s massive ramparts and bastions enclose eight Grade I listed buildings, including the hill-top Commissioner’s House. The 16-acre Museum property also extends to the fortifications adjoining the Keep and includes Casemates Barracks, which dominates the Dockyard skyline.

The Keep Fort

Once the citadel of the Royal Naval Dockyard, the Keep was a proud symbol of British naval might, part of a ring of fortifications guarding the Dockyard against attack by land and sea.

The fort, with its bastions and ramparts reinforced at intervals by casemated gun emplacements, was designed by the Royal Engineers to defend the channels and approaches to the Dockyard. Since 1975, the Keep has been transformed from a derelict wasteland to an award-winning cultural and educational institution. The buildings—many of them former ammunition storehouses—have been converted into exhibit, storage, office and event spaces.