The Williams family, patriarch John Williams born in St. Kitts in 1874, and matriarch, Mary Ann Williams (nee Smith) born in St. Thomas, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands to Samuel Alexander and Diana Smith on June 29, 1881, and are pictured with six out of 8 of their children. 

John and Mary Ann married on March 31st, 1909 in Wesley Church Hamilton in Pembroke, Bermuda at the ages of 35 and 26, respectively, and had 8 children. It is unknown when and why they traveled to Bermuda from the Caribbean, but they continued their family legacy here in Pembroke. 

from left to right, starting from the top row, are; John Williams, Olivia, Mary Ann, and Joseph. Starting from the second row are; Cecily, Dinah, held by her mother, Charles, and Sidney on the bottom. 

Their eldest daughter Olivia was born on July 10, 1909, eldest son, Charles was born on February 10, 1912, Sidney and Cecily on May 26, 1914, Hilda in 1916, Dinah on October 29, 1920, and Sylvia on January 14, 1932

The related image shows the legacy of John and Mary Ann Williams, their daughter Dinah is pictured with her three daughters from left to right is Gladys, Linda, and Velda (my grandmother)

John and Mary Ann’s daughter Dinah pictured with her children, around the early 1950s