My dad, Tim Perry, moved to Bermuda from England to work as a printer at Bermuda Press in 1993.

My dad was a football player and joined the Robin Hood football club. It was a great way for him to meet people. 

Many of his friends that he met through the Robin Hood football club were also expats from the UK, many of them supported opposing UK football teams, but them playing and socialising together at the “Hood” in Bermuda gave them this sense of commonality. They are still some of my dad’s best friends to this day. My dad always says that if he didn’t have the Robin Hood he wouldn’t have stayed in Bermuda. 

My mom, Kathy Perry (then Parris) started working at the Robin Hood as a bartender in 1992 to save up for university.

My dad liked my mom and one night after a lot of liquid courage he asked her out and she said yes but he didn’t remember what she said so assumed she said no!

My mom left for Western University in Canada in 1994. This picture shows my parents and their friend Angela together at my mom’s leaving party.

I like this picture because it shows the time before they were dating but after my dad had asked her out. I also find it interesting to see what my parents looked like when they were young and what kinds of clothes they wore etc. 

When my mom returned from university for the summer, she asked my dad why he had never followed up on the date and the rest is history! 

My parents started dating in 1995 and got married in 1998. They had me in 2001 and my brother Adam in 2003. 

The Robin Hood played an important role in both my parents’ lives as it was where my dad was able to fit in and make friends with common interests after moving to Bermuda and it is also where my parents met and started dating.