This original architectural rendering from 1930, showing a Bermuda ‘Castle’. It belonged to M.V. Wooley-Hart, and was always in her private Ridgebury, Connecticut estate, from about 1946 forward.  I currently own the Ridgebury estate, and we bought it direct from MVWH (Akston/Taylor) in 1973. Vivienne was a frequent guest in her former CT home with us, and we often visited with her in NYC; i have many photos with her, and currently own all her original paintings she created at this CT estate, from 1946 forward.  She used to own a private island in Bermuda, pre WW-II, as you are well aware. 

We were with MVWH, in NYC, the day she died, 4 decades ago. She was a good family friend, and lifetime guest at my home in Ridgebury, CT.