On April 6, 1905 Pa gazed as his beautiful bride gracefully walked down the aisle. Alice was her name and from that day forward their wondrous life together was set in motion. Pa travelled dusty roads from St. David’s Island to the Royal Naval Dockyard to dredge deep waters aboard the King George and later on the Lord Cochrane. In Pa’s free time he fancied a drink at Queen’s Club in Hamilton and our family believes that at some point during his early travels in Pembroke he met Ma. Ma resided in Spanish Point spending her days working with her aunt at a boarding house in the City of Hamilton. On her evening dates with Pa she enjoyed teasing him for being so much younger than her. The last of five, Pa began his legacy in Pembroke with his first daughter of three, Gladys Louise. Remembering his roots Pa returned to St. David’s with his wife and first born then completing the triad with Florence Lourinia and Ivy Louise. Growing through fifty years in their two-story wooden cottage with a small garden behind, they raised goats and chickens to provide for their family. To commemorate their golden wedding anniversary they dressed in their Sunday’s best with all the bells and whistles while family and friends were in attendance.