Bermuda & the Atlantic World Lecture 2:

Building a Maritime Community & Maritime State: Early Settlement and Economic Growth (1609-1800), by Dr. Clarence Maxwell

Date: July 23, 2020, 5:30pm AT

Using an inquiry-based lecture, Dr. Clarence Maxwell contextualises and examines the evolution of Bermuda as a maritime state and a maritime community. By referencing contemporary research, Dr. Maxwell discusses how Bermuda forged its place in the Atlantic World based on relationships and necessary adaptations, both of which were acts of agency that cast shadows to today.


Download our free syllabus which has additional reading material and video resources to allow a deeper dive into the content. Developed by members of the NMB Education Committee and Staff, the syllabus includes a number of questions to consider before, during and after the lecture, offering an opportunity for participants to critically analyse history through their own personal lens.

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