At the National Museum of Bermuda, there is a wide range of resources available to assist with teaching the local schools curriculum and Bermuda history.

Available resources:

  • Curatorial research files on many aspects of Bermuda history and maritime heritage including local shipwrecks and vessels, piloting, early settlement, shipbuilding, slavery, the salt trade, fortification, building of Dockyard, migration and defence of Bermuda to name a few
  • Corange Library— a reference library related to maritime history
  • Digital image database— access to thousands of images relating to Bermuda’s history and cultural heritage
  • Digital scholarly and popular articles on Bermuda’s history

Access is by appointment with two weeks notice.

Please e-mail or call +1(441) 234 1333. Please note that we will need a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

Girlcott, by Florenz Webbe Maxwell: Even in paradise revolutions can be inconvenient things.

A week ago, Desma Johnson had only two things on her mind. In exactly eight days, she would be sixteen years old. And, to top it off, she was in line for a top scholarship, bringing her one step closer to her dreams. Life was perfect and nothing would get in the way of her birthday plans. But its 1959 and the secret Progressive League has just announced a boycott of all cinemas in Bermuda in order to end racial segregation.

As anxieties around the boycott build, Desma becomes increasingly aware of the racial tensions casting a dire shadow over the island. Neighbours she once thought were friendly and supportive begin to show another side. So, Desma must learn that change is never easy, and even when others expect small things from black girls, she has the right to dream big.

In this startling debut, Florenz Webbe Maxwell takes a little known fact about Caribbean history and weaves an engaging tale that speaks eloquently to the contemporary experience. Girlcott takes you beyond the image of Bermuda as a piece of paradise and charts a narrative of resistance, hope and the importance of fighting for change.

Girlcott Teacher’s Guide

Prudent Rebels Lecture at Bermuda College

Prudent Rebels: Teacher’s Resource Guide

Prudent Rebels is an academic book that can be used as a resource when teaching social studies, history, and more. The text details how the First Age of Revolution, also referred to as the Age of Enlightenment Revolution, drastically altered two relationships in the Atlantic World: those between colonies and the metropole (mother country) and those between enslaved individuals and enslavers.

This Teacher’s Guide provides a summary, key identifiers, and a timeline to assist with general comprehension, then addresses the text with activities through the lens of the middle school Social Studies Curriculum of geography, history, civics and economics. In addition, some activities bridge the past and present, encouraging students to explore current issues, to evaluate different sources of information and to develop different points of view.

Download Prudent Rebels: Teacher’s Resource Guide: