A Letter from Our Executive Director

Your Annual Appeal gift to the National Museum of Bermuda (NMB) helps with all aspects of the Museum’s core work. It funds archaeological excavations; groundbreaking publications; lectures; school education programming; artifact conservation; restoration of our historic buildings; and the training of Bermudian students in historical research and museum practice. Thank you – we couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Current research shows the significant impact museum visits have on young children, students and adults, and the general well-being of communities. Empathy increases and grades improve when school-aged children have exposure to museums and cultural organisations. In Canada and the United Kingdom, medical professionals prescribe visits to museums for therapeutic and healing purposes. Furthermore, museums prove to be vital spaces to cement a sense of place, connect communities and provide lifelong learning opportunities. This is why supporting the National Museum of Bermuda is so important for our community.

In May we launched our Education Strategy – repositioning NMB as a multi-faceted community institution that encourages and supports the open exploration of history, heritage and identity. Our intent is to be more inclusive of multiple perspectives; reflect the diversity of Bermuda’s cultural heritage; be accessible to our diverse audience; and recognise Bermuda’s history as an encompassing story involving multiple groups of people and their expressions. We want to provide equitable educational opportunities and a safe place to discuss and reflect on our collective heritage.

To help implement the Strategy, we are hiring a Learning & Engagement Officer who will work collaboratively with local organisations and Government to create education programming. Priorities are developing local history content for Bermuda schools and teacher professional development courses, and providing engaging opportunities for schools, teachers, community groups and lifelong learners to connect with Bermuda’s past.

In order to ramp up our education programming and increase our reach we need your support more than ever. I hope you will consider increasing your Annual Appeal gift this year. Your donation will help us ensure that Bermuda’s history is available and accessible to all.


Executive Director